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A monthly view calendar in Windows Phone

17. June 2012 15:45 by Jerry in Windows Phone, Windows Phone Development

For some reason, I need a calendar control in a WP7 app, a special one, or a simple one. However, within the most exciting Metro world, it doesn't easy to get high sometimes - officially you don't have calendar control, you need to google it and, you don't have too many opotions after google. This is one of the biggest problem of WP7 development in my opinion. There is too few controls for developers to use.

Anyway, the control I need is a months view calendar that shows 12 months of the year and probably highlighted the current month. The year could be changed somehow. Eventually I found the regular calendar here:


It said it's a "month-view-calendar" but it''s not really the month-view in this articlefrown, so based on the author's source code, I made my own MothView control. Take a look:

It doesn't look very excited, you may need to decorate a little to make it looks pretty. Here is the full source code:

monthview.rar (174.37 kb)