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Jerry Huang | Where is the Left, Right, Up and Down buttons in v1.9 IP CAM Controller?

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Where is the Left, Right, Up and Down buttons in v1.9 IP CAM Controller?

6. July 2011 20:55 by Jerry in IP CAM

From v1.9, I removed the left, right, up and down buttons from the viewer screen. Instead, provided flick/swipe to move gesture support: use your finger flickon the image, e.g. flick left camera will move left.

Apart from new gestures, a new function - save snapshot was being added to viewer screen (both single view and multi-view). Click the button, current image will save into pictures hub (in Saved Pictures category)

The main reason for such "big" change is that gesture is one of the coolest innovation of smart phone, so there is no reason not to make use of it:)

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erik 9/10/2011 12:42:36 PM United States #

Awesome app! We have a foscam 8919 using as a baby monitor. Using gestures to reposition the camera is very difficult or not intuitive for small incremental movements. I would like to ask for a feature of chosing control buttons or gestures. Also, having control over the IR would be awesome as we dont want the IR blasting on our little girl all night.

Jerry 9/16/2011 12:26:39 AM Hong Kong S.A.R. #

for foscam, it's suggested to use tap, rather than gestures. tap on the upper area of the image, camera moves up, tap that area again, camera stops. The same as other directions: left-uppper, left-down, down, right-down, right and right-upper.

With these tap, actually there is no difference to buttons. will see if possible to control IR later...