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Tap to Move on IP CAM Controller Android v1.3.4

31. January 2013 23:00 by Jerry in IP CAM

IP CAM Controller Android v1.3.4 is on Google Play todayLaughing

Tap to center is a great selling point of this app honestlyCool However TTC is not always supported for some cameras (because hardware or firmware restriction), so this version introduce a work around for TTC - tap to move. How it works? Fairly simple:

There are 8 directions above: as the yellow and green arrows show. Most PTZ cameras support at least 4 directions and some of them support 8. So for PTZ cameras, this version provides tap to move on 4 or 8 directions depending what camera you are using. If you want the camera moves left, tap on any area near spot A; if you want up, go for B, and so on.

In such way, you no longer need to swipe around on the screen but a single tap is good enough to drive your camera moving. Furthermore, this will work on multi-view screen as well - each camera image become your virtual joystick!