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Smart Dial v2.0 released!!!

20. September 2011 11:06 by Jerry in Smart Dial

what's new?

  • directly access to your phone Contacts (address book), no need to import from Live account anymore
  • faster load and search performance

Search "Jerry Huang" in Marketplace to download

What make Smart Dial so special?

30. April 2011 13:29 by Jerry in Smart Dial
  • the first app supports "Edit Before Call" in the marketplace
  • the first app supports search Chinese contacts in Pinyin
  • the first app supports import both Live and Gmail contacts from phone (there is one before Smart Dial, but only support Live)
  • hopefully will be the first one to edit contact photo from camera or photo hub (will be available in next release)

click here for more info

Smart Dial Agent

20. April 2011 01:40 by Jerry in Smart Dial

finally, Smart Dial Agent now support directly import contacts from Live and Google.Cool

select "Import" from menu


Simply input user name and password, then import...

Live contacts import coming soon

19. April 2011 01:18 by Jerry in Smart Dial

A big progress in directly importing (not via CSV) Live contacts, including both Messenger contacts and Live Address Book contacts!

New Smart Dial Agent is coming very soonCool

Hmmm... maybe provide the same functionality in WP7 as well..


Smart Dial Agent update

18. April 2011 01:51 by Jerry in Smart Dial

For today's update, the Import function supports directly download all contacts from Gmail, no longer need to export to CSV file.Laughing

Working on direct export Live's contacts...looks like much harderInnocent

Smart Dial published

16. April 2011 10:31 by Jerry in Smart Dial

- search contacts by numbers, names and even Pinyin for Chinese characters;
- define the candidate keyword of each contact by yourself
- numbers in each result contact are sorted by best match
- edit before call/SMS and pre-stored prefix
- sync your contacts between your phone and computers

go here for details: http://www.jerryhuang.net/page/Smart-Dial.aspx

How to export contacts from Gmail

16. April 2011 00:08 by Jerry in Smart Dial

1) logon with your gmail ID on www.gmail.com, and click "Contacts"

2)click "More actions" and select "Export"

3) Choose "All contacts" and "Outlook CSV" format. It's not a must, but if you choose Outlook format you will able to use the default "Windows Live" srouce type for data conversion later on. Then click "Export"


4) click "Save", done.

How to export your Live contacts

15. April 2011 23:52 by Jerry in Smart Dial

1) login www.hotmail.com with your Live ID, and then click "Contacts"


2) click "Manage" and choose "Export"

3) input the urgly stupid 8 digit characters as it shown, then click "Export"


4) wait for a while (sometimes it needs a few minutes if you have many contacts and your network connection happed to be slow), you will see a download dialog, click "Save" to store the folder to your computer, "My documents" would be a nice choice. Sorry for the screenshot has to be Chinese. I don't have an english Windows on hand. Probably a good start for learning Chinese, lol