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Jerry Huang | Why the app need my location info?

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Why the app need my location info?

7. August 2013 20:37 by Jerry in IP CAM

I received an interesting review from WP's market a while back. A user is complaining why my app access to his location details while the app doesn't have any map feature or any sort like that. Nice catch! Indeed, the app is not using the location service at all, but the ad control does. IP CAM Controller embeds an ad control from Microsoft to show advertising in free version. Microsoft's advertising control will use location-base ad service to improve ad quality and relevance. More info refer to here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/hh288088.aspx (search ID_CAP_LOCATION). I hope this will resolve some users' doubt about me being suspiciousWink

Please note that I'm not able to reply comment on WP market - Microsoft doesn't allow to.  So when you have a problem or question, it's better leave me a message in this site.